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Book a meeting room

Booking a meeting room is a breeze with FlexWhere. The floor plans clearly show which meeting rooms are available and which are occupied. Reserve an available space for a timeframe of your choice. Bookings are synchronised instantly. This way the occupancy information is always accurate.

Ad hoc meetings with no prior bookings

Define seating areas and small meeting rooms as places for ad hoc meetings. Your colleagues can then quickly find a meeting place without having to make a reservation in advance. They record in FlexWhere how long they will occupy the meeting place. Colleagues look at the floor plan in the app for an available spot. This prevents groups of employees from wandering around looking for a meeting room.

City hall of Vlaardingen. This Dutch municipality deploys FlexWhere for hybrid working.
Logo municipality of Vlaardingen

“FlexWhere is one of the most important applications we use every day.“

Richard Schoo, Municipality of Vlaardingen

Deploy sensors for additional functions

How warm is it in the conference room? Is the room even being used? What is the CO2 level? Sensors can provide a lot of additional information while improving the well-being of colleagues and guests. Sensors are not required for FlexWhere, but can be linked to FlexWhere’s Control Centre. Our partner IKANDA can help with this.

Link with Google Calendar, Planon or TOPdesk

We understand that FlexWhere is just one of many programs you work with. Key links are therefore a matter of course. Book a meeting room in FlexWhere and the info will turn up in Google Calendar, Planon or TOPdesk. TOPdesk is an especially valued partner. Are you missing a link? We can sort this out quickly with our open API.

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