The FlexWhere Desk Sharing App shows you how to keep a safe distance in the office

Work Coronaproof at the office

Coronaproof Coronaproof

Temporarily switch desks off

Sometimes desks are very close together. Avoid a costly, physical office remodel and digitally switch workstations off. These desks then cannot be reserved. In the FlexWhere apps, these workstations are greyed out. This is how you quickly make your office corona-proof.

Project a radius around a desk

In the new normal, we must maintain 2 metres (6 ft) of distance to ensure a corona-proof environment. But how much is that exactly? Display a radius on the digital map and help your employees keep their distance. This helps make the office corona-proof, without extensive physical remodelling measures.

Make employees aware of the distance rule

The 2-metre (6 ft) distance rule is difficult to maintain in the office. Social distancing is quickly neglected over the hectic course of the workday. FlexWhere's app continually reminds employees to work corona-proof. A message in the app asks your employees to respect the 2-metre (6 ft) distance rule.

View occupancy in real-time

How busy is the office? With this graph in the Control Centre, you can immediately see how many workstations are occupied. This way you can manage office occupancy. Does the actual workstation utilisation exceed a certain percentage? If so, we will send you or your team an e-mail. All so you can keep your finger on the pulse.

Help cleaners with an occupancy printout

FlexWhere also doubles as facilities software. Cut costs while ensuring a hygienic office. At the end of each workday, print out a floor plan showing the workstations that were used that day. Cleaners then know which desks require additional cleaning. Your organisation complies with the corona measures, without extra or redundant cleaning of unused workstations.

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