Social distancing
in the return to the office

An increasing number of employees are returning to the office. In order to make the workplace corona-proof, some social distancing office guidelines are necessary. Yet we are not advocating a complete rebuild of the office. Especially if the wish of many employees to continue part-time work from home arrangements is taken into account. FlexWhere offers a viable solution.

Incorporate social distancing office layout quickly

For over ten years, FlexWhere has been a trusted partner for agile organisations. Working from home is alternated with working at the office. Offices are set up for the task and not for individuals. The system is mature, has been extensively tested and is immediately deployable. FlexWhere has been adapted in recent months to better meet the social distancing office requirements of the ‘new normal’. Read more about this in our e-book: ‘The office in the ‘new normal’. Among other useful information, it explains why it’s a perfect time to introduce flex-working. As the title implies, you will also get tips for the office in the ‘new normal’.

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Social distancing in the workplace

Stay at home when ill, keep a distance of 6 feet and wash your hands regularly. With these corona measures, the government hopes to keep a handle on COVID-19. That necessarily has consequences for the return to the office. Working from home will persist, but employees will also return to their primary place of work. It is not enough to install plexiglass walls and create a preferred route. Clear protocols are required, and good communication is crucial. FlexWhere shows the occupancy of workstations, colleagues know how to find each other, and you can greatly improve the internal flow of information.

These are our
corona features

Project a radius of 6 feet around workstations
Have employees reserve a workstation
Block workstations that are too close to each other
Show cleaners which workstations have been used
Show the preferred route on the floorplan
Communicate the capacity of a meeting room
Receive a notification when a certain occupancy rate has been reached
Set up work zones and transfer responsibilities to employees
Halt workstation reservations above a certain occupancy level

This is how our corona features work

Booking a workspace is easy

FlexWhere can be consulted on displays, desktops, and laptops, but is also available as an app for Apple and Android tablets and smartphones. Especially during COVID-19, the app is particularly valuable. With its double authentication, employees can safely use the FlexWhere app outside the office. They can reserve a workstation from home, and nobody comes to the office for naught.

Special feature for cleaners

Thorough cleaning is always important, but corona has put added emphasis on hygiene in the workplace. FlexWhere can easily generate a PDF with a floor plan for cleaners, which highlights the workstations that have been used. This way, the cleaners know which desks need especially thorough cleaning. It is one of the many management and administrative functions in FlexWhere.

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New options included with all licenses

At FlexWhere, we are continuously working to improve our system. This allowed us to move quickly when COVID-19 upended the world. New functionalities are free of charge and come with our quarterly releases. FlexWhere is offered as a SaaS solution and therefore runs on our server. This allows us to implement the corona features and quarterly releases quickly and easily. We know how important these new features are. That is why we have included them in our existing contracts. Meaning no extra charges.

Always in the know

We‘ll always keep you up-to-date on the latest developments. Before we release new features, you have the opportunity to test them with our beta switch. We always send out an e-mail explanation with every release. We explain important developments in a blog and our support site shows exactly how something works. Any other questions? Our support team is at your service every workday.

These are our starting points

Flexwhere Privacy


Privacy is important to us. That’s why we build our software with privacy as a starting point. For example, the mobile apps don’t need permissions.

Flexwhere Security


With our own digital security expert, secure servers, ISO standards, and external audits, we keep security at the highest level.

Flexwhere Sensors


Our software is designed to function without external hardware. Would you rather use sensors? That can also be arranged.

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