Efficient desk sharing using the workspace module

No matter the device you are using, the workspace module shows which workspaces are free and where your colleagues are located. By logging in to the company network you will be registered with FlexWhere automatically. The advantage is that everyone knows where everyone else is working, even if someone is working from a remote location.

Find a flex space fast

At a mere glance, the workspace module clearly shows the occupancy rates of workspaces in individual buildings and floors have many or few free workspaces. Select a floor of your choice to see which workspaces are still available. Click on an occupied workspace to see which colleague is at work there. Once you have found a suitable workspace, take your seat, log in and become visible to your colleagues too.

Find your colleagues’ workplaces

Where are my colleagues working? Where can I find a particular department’s expert? And where are our emergency response team members? The workspace module shows exactly who is at work and where they are. Find the colleague you are looking for in no time using the search function. You will also see his or her contact details displayed. This improves internal communication and eases collaboration among colleagues. The search terms, to be used for searching, and the information to be displayed can be decided by the organisation itself.

The software application
for desk sharers

Find a free workspace fast
Search for colleagues by name, job or department
Find out where the emergency response team members are located
If you are working remotely, you will also be displayed
Automatic log in
Free new releases
Shows actual workspace occupancy
To be consulted using the app

Extra applications for the workspace module

Our app makes it possible
to use FlexWhere on any device

FlexWhere can be consulted on displays, desktops and laptops as standard, but is also available as an app for tablets and smartphones from Apple and Android. The FlexWhere app has a double authentication and is therefore completely safe to use, even outside the office. However, the smartphone or tablet must have a security code or Touch ID. Using the app, you can access FlexWhere on any device.

Analyse data and
manage the workspaces

FlexWhere offers the management and administration functions as standard fare. These functions show the occupancy rates of buildings, floors and individual workspaces. A heat map clearly shows which workspaces are most popular per floor. The facility services can then be adapted accordingly. This data can be viewed using the management function and can be exported as a report or Excel file. With the administration function, workspaces can easily be adapted, added or removed.

Security and privacy of FlexWhere fully guaranteed

All data processed by FlexWhere are completely anonymous. It is impossible to trace what time someone logs in or out or to establish how long they were there. Access to the workspace module is protected with a password and/or based on an IP address.

A new release every quarter
with smart release management

At FlexWhere we work hard every day to improve our system. That is why we offer a free new release at least once per quarter. FlexWhere is offered as a SaaS product and thus runs on our server. This means we can implement the releases quickly and easily.

These are our starting points

Flexwhere Privacy


Privacy is important to us. That’s why we build our software with privacy as the cornerstone.

Flexwhere Security


With our own digital security expert, secure servers, ISO 9001 and 27001 certificates, and regular external audits, we maintain security at the highest level.

Flexwhere Sensors


Our software is created to function without cumbersome external hardware. Would you rather use sensors or lasers? That is possible too.


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