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FlexWhere comes with a handy app for reserving a workplace and an overview of locations and meeting rooms.
The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. This museum uses FlexWhere for hybrid work.
Logo Van Gogh Museum

“We want to be flexible. That is the main reason for introducing FlexWhere”

Willem Zegers, The Van Gogh Museum

This is how it works!

Book your workspace

Hot desking means that employees choose where they work. It can be at the office, but also at home. Or elsewhere. With the FlexWhere desk sharing app it doesn't matter.

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Book your desk in three clicks

Image shows how to get started with FlexWhere by entering buildings and floors into the office hoteling tool.
FlexWhere Desk Sharing Software and App

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FlexWhere is a product of Dutchview - Book flexible workplaces with the FlexWhere hot desking software
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