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FlexWhere is an easy hot desking tool that supports hybrid working. As a product of IT innovative solutions company, Dutchview, we are incredibly proud of our Dutch heritage and international customer base, ranging across India, Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Another app by Dutchview, called Ed Controls is a quality management software for sectors such as construction and facility management.

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These are the faces of FlexWhere

Roselina Azizah
FlexWhere Marketing Specialist
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René Boudeling
Sales manager
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William Chen
Sales and Marketing Trainee
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Pooja Harish
Business Development FlexWhere
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Sarah Scheller
Territory Manager Germany
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Our Story

FlexWhere has come a long way. The first version of the software saw the light of day over twenty years ago. Ten years ago, it was incorporated into the company now known as Dutchview. Since then, not a day goes by without working on new features or improving old ones. This is our story.

  1. The first line of code

    A student of Industrial Engineering & Management develops an attendance registration system together with a lecturer. The student buys the lecturer out, registers the system under the name FlexWhere and manages to sell it under licence to a large municipality.

  2. Bill Gates introduces the New World of Work

    Bill Gates introduces the world to the New World of Work concept in his white paper ‘New world of work’. His paper seamlessly slots into the mission and objective of FlexWhere.

  3. Launch customer: Municipality of Zaanstad

    FlexWhere is expanded into a comprehensive system for flexible working and starts to be actively marketed. The original customer, the Municipality of Zaanstad, renews its commitment to the product. Even now, more than 10 years down the line, the municipality remains a satisfied customer.

  4. Interactive Blueprints is established

    The software gets fresh wind in its sails when the now-graduated student meets Rutger-Jan Loenen and Michiel Otterloo. They are looking to build software for the construction industry, and a site-based system like FlexWhere is exactly the concept they are searching for. The software evolves into Ed Controls. The company Interactive Blueprints is established in Deventer to manage production and marketing.

  5. FlexWhere goes SaaS

    A new approach is sought to cope with the growing number of FlexWhere users. The software for agile working will no longer be individually customised. Interactive Blueprints revamps the system and FlexWhere is offered as Software as a Service (SaaS).

  6. European tender Rotterdam

    Interactive Blueprints wins a European tender and may deploy FlexWhere in the municipality of Rotterdam. It concerns 5000 workplaces. More than 12,000 municipal civil servants find a workplace or meeting room with FlexWhere.

  7. Sales office in Great Britain

    FlexWhere quickly became the industry standard in the Netherlands, which makes international expansion the next logical step. In August 2016, a sales office is opened in Great Britain.

  8. Relocation to Deventer city centre

    Interactive Blueprints moves to a historical building in the centre of Deventer. The Achter de Muren-Zandpoort 10 premises offer plenty of growth potential.

  9. Sales office in Germany

    A sales office is opened in the German town of Steinfurt.

  10. Parent company changes its name

    Interactive Blueprints changes its name to Dutchview Information Technology. Of course, a new logo also comes along with this.

  11. Joint venture in India

    Many of the company’s programmers are based in India. Between 2012 and 2019, part of the programming work is outsourced to the company Mobinius. Dutchview enters into a joint venture with Mobinius in 2019.

  12. Support site in Dutch and English

    Our annual customer surveys show that many users are eager to learn more about FlexWhere. We, therefore, obliged them by opening a new support site in the spring of 2020 with answers to hundreds of questions. It is a new avenue to learn about FlexWhere, in addition to calling the usual phone number +44 (0)20 3868 1867 staffed by our knowledgeable support team.

  13. Own subsidiary in India

    After establishing a joint venture in 2019, the time came for a 100% subsidiary of Dutchview in India: Dutchview Technologies Private Limited. Most of the new employees are already tried and tested, given that many feed in from the joint venture.

  14. Continued development thanks to and despite corona

    The corona crisis has given a new impetus to FlexWhere. New features needed for this crisis are being added all the time. These include functions like projecting a 1.5-meter radius around a reserved workstation, among other nifty tweaks.

  15. Support site in German

    The German version of the support site goes live and starts actively serving the growing group of German customers.

  16. Launch

    Everyone can now test FlexWhere themselves, free, without obligations and without the help of our support team or an IT specialist.

  17. New site live

    FlexWhere is growing so fast that a new expanded site is required. The new site will get a fresh design and improved navigation. The blog section will also be new and will help us better share our knowledge on hybrid working.

  18. Confidence in the future

    The further development of FlexWhere is in full swing. New features are being added weekly and existing ones are being refined.

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