FlexWhere Hot Desking software control center shows office occupancy statistics

Analyse office occupancy
with statistics

Statistics Analyse office occupancy

Analyse the actual office occupancy

Make data-based choices about office design. In the Control Centre, you can see exactly which workstations are popular and which are not. Analyse meeting room no-shows and track actual office occupancy. Spare your employees unnecessary frustration with booked, but unused spaces. Also, cut costs. Thanks to FlexWhere, scaling office space up or down is no longer a gamble.

View a heatmap

The actual occupancy of workstations is best seen on our heatmaps. It doesn't get any clearer than this: you can immediately see which workstations are the most popular and which are barely used. Insight into office occupancy is the first step towards the ideal office design for you and your employees.

Download more data for subsequent analysis

Would you like more extensive analyses than are available in Control Centre? Then download the data! Print graphs or save them in JPG or PNG file format. If you wish to process data as a vector file, use SVG. Saving in PDF is also possible. Do you prefer to analyse the raw data in Excel? That too is possible! Download the data as an XSL file or in the universal CVS format.

Hot desking for a better environment

Hot desking means fewer workstations, directly reducing the traffic to and from the office. Beyond that, statistics show which office wings or floors can be temporarily, or even permanently, closed down. Reduced utilisation directly translates into savings on energy and cleaning costs.

View occupancy in real-time

How busy is the office? With this graph in the Control Centre, you can immediately see how many workstations are occupied. This way you can manage office occupancy. Does the actual workstation utilisation exceed a certain percentage? If so, we will send you or your team an e-mail. All so you can keep your finger on the pulse.