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''No extensive training was required during the implementation.''

Anja Huber, Assistant to the Executive Board and Head of Office Management

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FlexWhere: Enhancing Structure and Efficiency at Atreus

We had a chat with Anja Huber, the Assistant to the Executive Board and Head of Office Management at Atreus GmbH, about how FlexWhere’s innovative software is streamlining their work processes. Anja shared her insights on how FlexWhere’s digital booking system has transformed operations at this leading German management consulting firm.

What advantages does FlexWhere have for Atreus?

FlexWhere's simplicity and user-friendliness have greatly benefited Atreus. It allows all employees to easily book offices, workplaces, and parking spaces, aligning perfectly with our mobile work culture. The intuitive interface makes planning the workday straightforward and stress-free. The implementation was smooth, requiring minimal training, and even new employees quickly adapted to the system. FlexWhere also supports flexibility by enabling spontaneous decisions, like choosing between driving or biking in the morning and booking a parking space on the go. Additionally, it accommodates varied work schedules—some colleagues might work from home in the morning and decide to head into the office in the afternoon, and FlexWhere makes that easy to plan.

Which functions are used the most?

The Atreus team loves and enthusiastically uses all the features that save time and streamline our workflow. Compared to organising via Outlook, FlexWhere offers a more efficient solution, particularly with its clear floor plans for rooms and workplaces. In particular, we use the booking function, the automatic check-in and the labelling function for different screens.

Would you recommend FlexWhere to other companies?

FlexWhere's simple and intuitive usability, easy implementation in the company and good value for money clearly speak in its favour. Yes, I would definitely recommend it.

How would you describe Atreus before and after the implementation of FlexWhere?

Before FlexWhere was implemented at Atreus, we had challenges booking rooms and parking spaces. Outlook was overloaded with too many calendars, leading to numerous duplicate bookings. FlexWhere solved these problems by offering a clear management and scheduling function for rooms and parking spaces.

Can you estimate the post-implementation impact?

Since we started using FlexWhere, Atreus has saved a lot of time in managing bookings. Employees appreciate the flexibility to easily find the right space whenever they need it. Plus, the issue of double bookings has been completely resolved, leading to smoother operations.

What particular benefits do you notice, now three years after using FlexWhere?

FlexWhere has significantly streamlined our daily office operations and introduced a noticeable structure that boosts efficiency. It's become a crucial tool in our work processes and has positively influenced our corporate culture.

If you would like to learn more about FlexWhere and how it can benefit your organisation, contact us today to schedule your personalised demo and explore the possibilities!


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