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"FlexWhere stands out for its innovative approach to designing flexible workplaces."

Alex Julian Schmitz, Employee of BBWind Projektberatungsgesellschaft mbH


FlexWhere: The future of workplace flexibility at BBWind Projectadviesmaatschappij mbH

In a conversation with Alex Julian Schmitz, an employee at BBWind Projectadviesmaatschappij mbH, we explored the benefits and features of FlexWhere.

Flexibility as a key advantage

Schmitz highlighted that the main strength of FlexWhere is its focus on flexible workspaces. The freedom to choose daily between working in the office or from home has been extremely beneficial for everyone.

User-friendly functions

Employees find the floor plan feature particularly useful for locating their colleagues. It also makes it easy to quickly identify available workspaces for those spontaneous office visits, enhancing overall efficiency.

Recommendation for other companies

BBWind employees recommend FlexWhere for its simplicity and valuable features. The clear interface ensures new employees can easily navigate, and the support team is always ready to help with any inquiries.

Alex Julian Schmitz's interview shows how effective and user-friendly FlexWhere is for promoting flexible work setups.

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