This Is Why Your Flexible Work Arrangement Isn't Working

Blog This Is Why Your Flexible Work Arrangement Isn't Working

Eryka Chowaniec

Written by Eryka Chowaniec


Flexible work arrangements have become increasingly popular, with a McKinsey survey revealing that 52% of employees highly value the opportunity to work flexibly. But while the shift to flexible work has been widely embraced, many of us have found that it doesn’t always meet our expectations. Here’s why:

1. Undefined Boundaries

According to a Deloitte survey, 28% of remote workers find it tough to disconnect from work after hours. Flexible schedules sometimes blur the boundaries between work and personal life, leading to longer hours and potential burnout.

2. Lack of Trust

A 2023 study by CIPD found that 36% of managers admit to finding it difficult to trust remote employees to get their work done properly. This can sometimes lead to micromanagement and excessive monitoring, which can be stressful and lower morale.

3. Poor Communication

A 2023 Slack survey revealed that 43% of workers find communication and collaboration challenging in flexible work setups. With the right tools and strategies, teams can communicate more clearly and productively.

4. Inadequate Support

Without proper home office setups, reliable internet, and mental health resources, remote work can be tough. In a 2023 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), only 29% of companies offered ergonomic support to remote workers.

5. Lack of Training

Both managers and employees need to adapt to new ways of working, and without training, confusion and inefficiency are bound to happen. A TechSmith Corp.’s 2024 Workplace Flexibility Trends Report found that almost 75% of managers hadn't received training on how to lead remote teams effectively.


Flexible work can be great, but it requires more than just a change in policy. Organisations need to invest in training, improve their culture, and develop strong communication practices to ensure that flexible work benefits everyone.

Have you experienced challenges with flexible work arrangements? What solutions do you think could make flexible work more effective for everyone involved? Share your thoughts and experiences below to join the conversation!


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