Navigating the 'new normal' in the office

E-book Navigating the 'new normal' in the office

A return to the office in the ‘new normal’ requires flexibility from both facility managers and employees. It requires creative solutions and well-thought-out protocols. We have written a free ebook in which we outline a fast and relatively inexpensive solution.

Going back to the office isn’t just about the available workstations. Much more will need to be done to provide a safe working environment for returning employees. Every organisation has to make choices out of the multitude of possible solutions. The ebook makes it clear what these solutions are and what steps you need to take.

Think, for example, about a clear vision for the long term. Then it is not only about the current situation, but also about the organisation after this crisis. Create clear protocols and ask yourself: what physical measures are really needed? What can be done with software? Or with good regulations? Anyway: It is very important to (continue to) communicate clearly about all corona measures.

Tips for returning to the office

In the ebook, you will find many tips for making your organisation corona-proof. You can also read how your employees can safely return to the office in the ‘new normal’.

Here’s what you will find in the ebook:

  • What you need to think about when considering a strategy for the organisation;

  • Whether physical adjustments are necessary;

  • How to facilitate meetings better;

  • What you can do to influence behaviour;

  • What the mix between working from home and working in the office can look like.

This ebook is indispensable for any organisation that is looking to make the office corona-proof. With solutions for the short and long term.



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