IKANDA is our partner in the field of hardware and digital signage

The Belgian company IKANDA offers solutions for smart buildings based on other sensors and screens. The company supplies o OK people counters and software for visitor registration, for example. IKANDA expands the functionality of FlexWhere with sophisticated hardware and software and is therefore a valued partner.

IKANDA‘s most important solutions are the use of various sensors and Digital Signage. The occupancy of parking spaces, workplaces, meeting rooms and sanitary areas can be measured with sensors. Then adjust facility services to the measured values of those sensors. Think of cleaning, lighting, CO2 values or heating.

With Digital Signage, everyone in an organization always receives all relevant information. IKANDA ensures that information from FlexWhere, among other things, is shown at all desired locations via screens and displays. These screens can also show information from systems for people counting, visitor registration and narrowcasting, among other things.

IKANDA is located in Ninove, Belgium, just below Brussels.

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