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"Simple and intuitive"

Thomas Österreich, Project Manager

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Driving change towards a smarter future is a top priority for the engineering firm iNeG. However, this commitment to innovation isn't limited to customer collaborations; iNeG also strives for modern, forward-thinking practices within its own operations. Situated in the heart of Bad Iburg near Osnabrück, the company has experienced significant growth, leading to a crowded office during peak times. To address this, iNeG sought a software solution and quickly discovered FlexWhere’s desk-sharing system.

In an interview, Thomas Österreich (Project Manager) and Jens Binner (IT) shared their appreciation for FlexWhere’s hot-desking software. iNeG values intuitive usability, which FlexWhere provides through its simple, user-friendly interface. Employees can effortlessly select and book their preferred workspace online, eliminating the tedious search for a desk with just a few clicks. FlexWhere’s digital floor plan offers a visual guide, making it easier for employees to choose their seats and simplifying the desk-sharing process.

FlexWhere brings employees together and is IT-friendly

As a project manager, Thomas Österreich finds it incredibly beneficial that FlexWhere enables him to quickly determine which colleagues are currently in the office. The software also allows him to reserve a desk right next to the colleague he needs to collaborate with throughout the day, significantly optimising internal processes. Additionally, the meeting room reservation feature makes it easy for him to book spaces where he and his team can work together on projects.

Jens Binner particularly values the software's compatibility with other company systems. FlexWhere seamlessly integrates with existing data and can connect to systems like Citrix, Active Directory, and RDP. This allows IT to quickly and easily check which workstations are available for potential IT tasks. The intuitive user interface minimises questions, and even new employees quickly get accustomed to the system. "This is a great relief for IT," says Jens Binner.

Ease of use

Booking a desk with FlexWhere is straightforward and universal. Employees simply log in to the FlexWhere app or website, where they can immediately see available desks and time slots. Once a desk is reserved, it’s automatically registered and displayed throughout the system, ensuring no double bookings. The quick overview feature is particularly useful for employees needing to organise spontaneous meetings or find a quiet space for important discussions, as it allows them to easily identify available rooms.

FlexWhere also supports reservations for open spaces, making it easy to book areas outside the office, like the canteen. The software is compatible with any operating system, whether on a computer or a mobile device, so employees can use it on both personal and company devices.

Thomas Österreich highlights the convenience of the check-in docking stations located directly at the workstations, which allow for seamless check-ins without any additional actions.

Future-oriented office utilisation with FlexWhere statistics

According to Jens Binner, iNeG actively leverages FlexWhere’s extensive statistics to optimise office utilisation. The quick and clear overview of space usage and occupancy provides valuable insights, allowing the company to make informed decisions about improving personnel planning and office management.

User-friendly and progressive path to success

With FlexWhere, iNeG has made significant strides in digitalisation and office optimisation. Like many companies, iNeG sees considerable potential for further improvements in office planning, which could lead to substantial cost savings. Thomas Österreich and Jens Binner are extremely satisfied with FlexWhere. The software's clever features and intuitive design make it an indispensable tool for any office environment.

At FlexWhere, we are committed to continuously enhancing our software with new features and improvements. We take great pride in knowing that iNeG values and appreciates our product so highly.


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