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i+solutions chose FlexWhere because of its easy navigation and general user-friendliness

Annette de Nie, Communications officer

Background of i+solutions

i+solutions is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2005, with over 70 employees, i+solutions strives to improve and save lives everyday through creating better access to medical supplies across the world.

“Since 2005, i+solutions has set the industry standard for health procurement. We drive an innovative agenda to improve global health supply chains. We combine procurement, training, project management, quality assurance and technical expertise to make a difference from the first to the last mile, closing the gap between patients and medicine.”

Did you know, in 2022, i+solutions procured HIV treatments for over 5.5 million people living with HIV? Now that’s impressive!

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As a growing organisation, i+solutions has challenges with space due to having more employees than desks.

i+solutions sees the value in face to face collaboration and connection, so they want to encourage all employees to come to the office at least 3 days per week.

Employees, however, lacked an overview of available desks, and i+ wanted to avoid people travelling to the office without finding a place to sit. Or perhaps coming to the office when their team had decided to work from home.


“We want to offer our colleagues flexibility and at the same time maintain the important social cohesion in our team. We also do not have enough work spaces for all.”

i+solutions likes to make the most of their office space and avoid the extra costs of expanding it.

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“We don’t want to have to expand our office space in the future, instead we want to make efficient use of the space we already have and save on (future) costs.”


i+solutions chose FlexWhere due to it’s easy navigation and overall user friendliness.

FlexWhere is easy to use and gives employees insight in available desks on any given day. Employees have the flexibility to decide when they will come in, depending on:

  • Desk availability

  • Who from their team is also working at the office that day.

FlexWhere is delighted to have i+solutions use the FlexWhere app and we’re looking forward to supporting them in their hybrid working journey!


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