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News Book a parking space with FlexWhere

Besides booking a desk, it is now possible to book a parking space with FlexWhere.

In fact, it works exactly the same as booking a desk or workspace in FlexWhere. An employee can simultaneously book a workspace, a parking space, and a meeting room. However, it is not possible to book 2 work spots or 2 parking spots at the same time. The parking space icons look different from the workspace icons on FlexWhere. We always strive for maximum ease of use and have made this new functionality as intuitive as possible for all end users.

Just like booking a desk, you can also book a parking space for a number of hours, a part of or the whole day, or for multiple days. Recurring bookings are also possible (set to every Monday, for example).

Booking parking spaces in advance with FlexWhere is limited to the setting that the organisation has chosen to configure. These settings are the same as for workspaces.

Every employee can book a parking spot. In the future, it will be made possible to make a group booking for parking spaces. Just like work spots. This means that it will also be able to book a parking space for someone else. It will then also be possible to book a parking space for a visitor, for example.


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