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"FlexWhere provides a clear, real-time view of workplace occupancy at a glance."

Kevin Soyer , IT Administrator

FlexWhere displays the occupancy of workstations in real time

As an IT consulting firm, PROCON IT GmbH not only assists its clients with the latest technologies but also employs innovative software to maintain seamless workflows. The company sought a user-friendly tool to effectively manage office workstations, facilitating flexible and uncomplicated workspace management in line with New Work principles. This led to the adoption of FlexWhere’s desk sharing software. Kevin Soyer, an IT Administrator at PROCON IT, highlights the key benefits of FlexWhere: "Workstation occupancy is displayed in real-time, with minimal effort and no additional hardware! Both employees and administrators are automatically checked in via a docking station, simply and conveniently."

Software that brings employees together

PROCON IT also values FlexWhere for its ability to foster collaboration and facilitate face-to-face meetings. The software’s search function allows employees to easily check if colleagues are in the office and find their exact workstation location. Setting up FlexWhere was quick and required minimal administration, thanks to its user-friendly interface. Unlike many new systems that require significant organisational changes, FlexWhere integrates smoothly and non-invasively.

After a brief familiarisation period, FlexWhere has become an essential part of PROCON IT's daily operations. "We frequently use the workplace booking and group reservation functions," says Kevin Soyer, an IT administrator at PROCON IT. "It’s especially useful for new starters who spend a lot of time with their mentors during training. Being able to reserve adjacent office spaces makes it easy to maintain personal contact right from the beginning."

Direct check-in thanks to docking station integration

When asked if PROCON IT would recommend FlexWhere to other companies, Kevin Soyer responds enthusiastically: "The ease and convenience of use is a major benefit for us. Whether it’s displaying occupancy or reserving desks, FlexWhere excels. The various automation options are also a significant advantage, allowing us to analyse occupancy even without reservations. Thanks to the integration with our docking station, employees can check in quickly and effortlessly."

On the path to an optimised office with detailed statistics

The next step for PROCON IT is to leverage the detailed statistics provided by FlexWhere. These insights allow for an in-depth analysis of actual office occupancy, helping to optimise space usage. Over time, FlexWhere can help save costs and provide data-driven guidance on whether it’s beneficial to adjust the furnishings or even reduce or expand office space.


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