Municipality of Deventer

The use of FlexWhere gives us extra square meters of workspace.

“We use our building optimally through hot desking”

A good, professional development of employees is a key condition for the Municipality of Deventer to keep on delivering high quality. That is why they provide a stimulating working environment and give employees the space to organise their work flexibly. This brings performance and pleasure into balance. FlexWhere helps with that.

‘In order to use the available space as optimally as possible, the planning for the new building of the City Hall has focused heavily on hot desking. We have more than eight hundred colleagues. If we were to give them all their own desk, that would take up a lot of space. The flexible use of desk spaces gives us extra square meters of workspace.

‘Find a colleague’ feature is important for hot desking

Because no one has a fixed workspace, it is essential to be able to find out who is where in the building. FlexWhere’s ‘find a colleague’ feature shows this clearly and quickly. Using this user-friendly and easy-to-implement system, you can see where a colleague is at work at the touch of a button.

Outside the office too, thanks to the mobile app, which we have been using recently. This makes collaboration much more efficient. We used to email and call a lot. Now we visit one another. This way,  some matters are better coordinated. This creates short lines and faster decisions.

Workplaces that align with the activities

Another advantage is that FlexWhere helps us to find free workspace quickly, which is suitable for the work we have to do on that day. People who need to concentrate find a quiet space to work.

If you have a project meeting, you find a co-workplace. FlexWhere shows us an overview of all the free and occupied workspaces, meaning that everyone can get down to work immediately in a suitable space. All in all, a useful application, which we use a lot.”

Mark van Vlisteren, facility coordinator

‘FlexWhere helps to find people, to pick up and resolve matters in a personal way.’

FlexWhere Referentie - Gemeente Deventer

“Working on the basis of trust and connection with each other are important elements of the New Way of Working. Employees work in different places, but also at other organisations or at home. Flexible working is ideal, but there is a chance that you will only have contact by email or telephone with your colleagues. Our building is designed to invite formal and informal consultation. However, this does mean that employees must be findable. Thanks to FlexWhere, everyone is, and that is of great value.”

Ilse Heitling, Project leader ‘the new way of working’

FlexWhere Referentie - Gemeente Deventer

“We work with 800 people in the building. A tool is essential for finding a workspace or colleague fast. There is a touch screen with FlexWhere on every floor that works on any device you can use to log in. The software is so user-friendly that you can use it without needing any instructions. FlexWhere really saves me time. If I can’t get hold of someone by telephone, I check whether he or she is logged into the system and can be contacted some other way. I can also see whether someone is present at all or whether they are working remotely. We notice that FlexWhere is an asset when there is a sporadic malfunction. Then there’s a torrent of complaints that people are not findable.”

Jeannette Beekhof, Management secretary Facility Services


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