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Hybrid working has become an integral part of modern business operations. The increasing need for flexible working models and shared workplaces means the management of spaces and workplaces is a current challenge for facility managers. Suitable space management software can help here. Letting employees choose where they sit in the office and when they come in has many benefits both for space optimisation and for employee satisfaction. An intuitive and easy-to-use reservation system, like FlexWhere, is essential to solve this challenge.  

Employees and employers benefit from digital office planning tools. In times when talent is scarce, you want to keep your employees satisfied, while also attracting new and vibrant employees. Freedom and trust are often words associated with job satisfaction and signs of an attractive employer. Effective hybrid working tools empower employees to decide when they come to office based on information available in the app like; “are my favourite colleagues in the office today?” or “is the standing desk available today?”. The days of turning up to the office only to find noone is there, are over; we’re all about making trips to the office worthwhile again.

Helpful tools for hybrid working?

FlexWhere helps businesses to achieve smooth hyrbid working, through encouraging employees back to office, desk and meeting room booking features and real-time office stats so users can find their colleagues easily.

The FlexWhere app works on any device and all known operating systems. The floor plan of the office shows the available desks in real-time. After the reservation, a green workstation turns yellow (reserved). As soon as an employee logs on to the office wifi with their desktop, or connects their laptop via a docking station, FlexWhere automatically registers their location. Someone who uses a desk without a desktop or docking station can indicate this in the app. From this moment on, the workstation turns red (occupied). If you are not in the office, switch on "Remote work" so that colleagues know that you are not physically present. Colleagues who are present can be quickly traced on the map, such as a first aider or an emergency response officer. If you prefer to work on a project undisturbed, you can make yourself untraceable with the "Hide me" button. 

Big savings

Being more sustainable is a goal for many companies, but how can hybrid working tools help? With an insight into the occupancy of each meeting room, the office layout, which desks are popular and which are not, significant savings on technical infrastructure, cleaning and energy can be made.

Sustainability also links to employee well-being, are you creating an environment that people want to work in? FlexWhere can be linked with sensors, lasers or smart cameras to enable comprehensive building management and workplace management. For example, think of an analysis of the well-being in the building, such as temperature, humidity or CO2 levels in a meeting room. 

Privacy and security

FlexWhere was developed with privacy and security as a non-negotionable. This means that the reservation app works with anonymised data. Data is not stored longer than absolutely necessary and all servers are located in the EU. Furthermore, everyone at Dutchview IT who works on the software has signed a confidentiality agreement. The app is easy to install and manage. The software has been refined and improved for more than ten years. More than 285,000 users now use the app daily to reserve a desk. 

Customer support

Another important factor to consider when choosing a space management software is customer support. Businesses need to ensure that they receive reliable support for questions and problems. FlexWhere, for example, offers comprehensive customer support to help customers set up, manage and use the software. FlexWhere also provides a comprehensive and easy-to-naviagte support site for users.

Privacy protection

When choosing a space management software, it is important to consider the privacy of employees. FlexWhere offers a variety of privacy and security features to ensure that personal data and information remain protected and are only used for the right purposes.

Real-time monitoring

Another strength of FlexWhere is the real-time monitoring of buildings and workplaces, which makes it possible to react quickly to occupancy changes and thus increase the efficiency and utilisation of buildings.

Integration with Outlook

An important feature of the space management software is its integration with Outlook. This allows employees to book and manage meetings and sessions directly from their Outlook calendar. The integration with Outlook also facilitates the planning of meetings and increases the efficiency of room management.

Other integrations

Integrations with other systems are another benefit of space management software. Integrations allow companies to share data and information in real time, increasing efficiency and productivity for their employees. Possible integrations include linking to building management systems, integrating IoT sensors or linking to accounting and HR systems.

General advantages and features of FlexWhere room management room booking software

  • Intuitive and simple operation

  • Book workstations anytime and anywhere via mobile or desktop app

  • Data security and data protection according to DSGVO

  • Good price-performance ratio

  • Can lead to quite a bit of cost savings

  • Technical support and help with installation: All that is needed for implementation is a floor plan of the office building and thus employees can book their workstations in no time.

  • Linking with Outlook and Google Calendar possible.

Concrete advantages of FlexWhere for employees

  • See if your team are in the office through live occupancy overview

  • Plan your week with calendar integration for Outlook & Google Calendar 

  • Personal booking overview for desks and meeting rooms

  • Intuitive booking process

  • Interactive floor map of your office

  • Find properties and colleagues easily through search function 

  • Filter by workplace or meeting room qualities (for example double screen or standing desk)

  • Booking reminder

Concrete benefits of FlexWhere for administrators

  • Smarter decisions based on occupancy data

  • Location & property management

  • Heat maps for usage statistics

  • Temporary blocking of objects

  • User & booking management settings

  • Guest and group booking for other employees and external visitors

  • Extensive import & export functions

  • Map editor

  • Customise user settings from the FlexWhere control centre

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