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Find a suitable workstation

That workstation by the window? Or do you prefer the quiet spot on the 10th floor? Perhaps a sit-stand desk or a seat in the company restaurant? Wherever your employee wants to work, reserving a suitable desk is simple with FlexWhere. In the app, click on the date, then on the free workstation, then on the time block and the reservation is confirmed.

Experience ease and simplicity

Apps should be user-friendly, clear, with minimum lag and no unnecessary bells and whistles. FlexWhere uses a digital floor plan of all locations and floors. Thanks to distinct icons, your employees can easily find their preferred spot and reserve a desk. Meeting rooms can also be found on the map and booked using the app.

Use FlexWhere on any device

Whether your employees want to use FlexWhere for Desktop on an Apple, Windows or Linux PC, we support it. Just as FlexWhere for Mobile works on iOS and Android. The desk reservation system is available for as many devices as possible. We keep the app’s data safe by applying PIN codes. FlexWhere, therefore, fits well with any BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy.

Bookings can also be done via the Web

Bookings can also be done via a web browser. So you don't have to download and install any software. This includes booking a desk as well as booking a parking space. This also applies to group bookings if the user is a Desk Planner or Admin. Book from anywhere and each device. It works exactly the same as on the app: Easy and in just a few clicks!

Download FlexWhere for Android or iOS

Employees get their own app with FlexWhere for Mobile. This very user-friendly app requires no authorisations, such as location data. And this makes it privacy-proof. The app shows a choice of locations and floors. Employees then see a floor plan with distinct icons. We make every effort to make the app as simple to use as possible.

Increase the number of workstations with work zones

Every office has its unofficial work spots, where employees often hunch over their laptops or collaborate with others. Think about the company restaurant or garden benches. We call these work zones. Define them in FlexWhere and your employees can still be found by colleagues.

Rijnland Waterboard in Leiden deploys FlexWhere for hybrid working.

"Hybrid working with FlexWhere is simple and hassle-free."

Cees Barnhoorn, Rijnland Water Board

Quickly locate a colleague, first-aid provider or safety officer

Hot desking takes some getting used to when working in teams, as colleagues don’t always work together. However, employees can still find their colleagues quickly using the search function. Your organisation decides what information is available, such as name, e-mail address and photo. In the event of an emergency, employees can quickly find a first-aid provider or safety officer using the search function or the floor plan.

Log in automatically

As soon as an employee logs in on a desktop or docking station, FlexWhere knows where the colleague is located. No additional action is required from the employee unless he or she logs onto a laptop without a docking station. The user must then use FlexWhere for Desktop to indicate where a workstation can be found.

Link FlexWhere with Citrix, LDAP, Active directory

FlexWhere uses data that is already available in your organisation. We link this user data daily. This can be done through customary methods such as Citrix and LDA, Active Directory (AD), UPN or RDP. That decision is left up to your organisation. Because we don’t store anything for long, the risk of a data breach is minimised.

Assign a desk planner

Sometimes teams need to work together, so the desk planner is the answer. He or she can reserve several workstations simultaneously for teams or a project group. A desk planner could be a manager, a team leader or the department secretary. Your organisation can adjust this at will.

Link software for workplaces

We understand that FlexWhere is just one of many programs you work with. Key links are therefore a matter of course. Book a workplace in FlexWhere and enter the information easily Google Calendar. Are you missing a link? We can sort this out quickly with our open API.

Work in peace and quiet

Do you wish to do some undisturbed work on a project? Well, FlexWhere makes anonymous working possible. Enable the ‘hide me’ button and your colleagues won't see if, and where, you are working.

Book a parking space with FlexWhere

Besides booking a desk, it is possible to book a parking space with FlexWhere. In fact, it works exactly the same as booking a desk or workspace in FlexWhere. An employee can simultaneously book a workspace, a parking space, and a meeting room. The parking space icons look different from the workspace icons on FlexWhere.

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