More workspaces with a work zone

News More workspaces with a work zone

Introducing the work zone, a new, additional way of mapping workspaces in FlexWhere. The work zone is a pre-defined area where work is possible, but where no official desks are located. Examples include the company restaurant and the roof terrace.

Every office has places with people sitting behind their laptops, but many of these areas are not recognised as official workplaces. The work zone ensures that these employees can also register in FlexWhere. This can be done very simply via FlexWhere for Desktop. For example, colleagues can see in FlexWhere for Desktop, FlexWhere for Mobile, or the web environment where this person has been working.

Facility managers and ICT departments can demarcate work zones in FlexWhere

Facility managers and ICT departments can demarcate work zones in FlexWhere. This is done through the Control Centre. By placing a minimum of three points on the floor plan, an organisation can create a designated work zone. A work zone can also be a meeting room.

The data from the work zones are included in the statistics. Just like desks, work zones will soon be shown on a heat map. In this way, facility managers, ICT departments, and other relevant managers can include the work zone in the analysis.

Functionalities in FlexWhere are continuously improved and extended. For example, the beta switch is also new and FlexWhere for Desktop has been improved. Read all the release notes.


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